10.16.14_Massage Heights 90 min facialsSAN ANTONIO — Your face says a lot about you—where you’ve been, how you are feeling, your age. Most importantly, your face shares your whole body’s health, and since it is one of the first things people notice, what will that first impression tell them?

Regular facials offer a variety of health benefits, such as increasing circulation, reversing the signs of aging, and hydrating and removing environmental impurities. Committed to providing members and guests with the best overall health and well-being, Massage Heights, a leader of professional, affordable and convenient therapeutic massage and facial services, will begin offering 90-minute facials on Nov. 3, 2014.

“Many people believe that skin care is a beauty issue, but it’s actually a health issue,” said Katherine Palmer, LST/licensed instructor, skin therapy operations specialist for Massage Heights. “Our skin is our largest living organ, and as such, it is purposed to protect us; we owe it to ourselves to keep this vital organ as healthy as possible. Daily skin care is simple and the first step to whole body health. At Massage Heights we are committed to your health, which is why we are elevating our commitment to you by offering 90-minute facials.”

The 90-minute facial experience will include all the benefits of the 1-hour treatment while also including one of the relaxing and detoxifying new customized facial massages, pressure point facial massage or European facial massage. Based on guests’ unique skin conditions, a licensed Massage Heights skin therapist will determine the facial massage that benefits and treats their skin care concerns and helps them reach their skin care goals quicker.

The pressure point facial massage combines acupressure, which is an oriental technique of applying pressure to specific points of the body to release muscle tension and lymphatic drainage massage, stimulating lymph fluid to flow through the lymphatic vessels by using gentle, rhythmic pressure. This light technique helps cleanse and detoxify the body.

“Pressure point massage is a great treatment for all skin conditions; however, it is especially beneficial for guests with breakout prone, acneic skin, sinus pressure and allergies,” Palmer said. “The lymphatic drainage massage included in the treatment with help remove the breakout-causing bacteria, as well as reduce fluid retention in the face, which will relieve sinus pressure from allergies and colds.”

The European facial massage combines a variety of massage techniques to deliver the necessary health benefits each guest needs. It utilizes effleurage, a soft, continuous stroking movement applied with the fingers and palms in a slow and rhythmic manner; petrissage, a kneading movement that stimulates the underlying tissue; and friction, which is a rubbing movement creating small circles with fingers and palms.

“European massage is a great treatment for all skin conditions and offers numerous benefits for each skin type,” Palmer said. “The techniques utilized help increase oxygen and nutrients to the skin, cleanse the skins impurities, improve skin texture and relieve tension and fatigue—it promotes total relaxation and reduces stress.”

The new customized facial massages are only available in the 90-minute facial.

About Massage Heights

Massage Heights is a family owned membership-based therapeutic services franchise company that provides members and guests convenient, professional, affordable resort-quality massage and facial services that help people achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Massage Heights was founded in San Antonio in 2004. Today, there are more than 100 locations open in the U.S. and Canada with aggressive growth planned across the United States and internationally in the next five years. The company was featured on the CBS hit reality series Undercover Boss in December 2013, was ranked 33rd Top Franchise to own in 2013 by Franchise Business Review, ranked 259 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list for 2014, in Franchise Times’ Next 300 list for 2013, cited in USA Today Top Franchise for Minorities for 2013, recognized in Franchise Times as one of the smartest growing companies in franchising for 2014, and is a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA).