Spa Franchise to Introduce Programs that Help Care for Those They Serve, and Serve Alongside


SAN ANTONIO (April 25, 2022) – Massage Heights, a wellness franchise that provides personalized, therapeutic massage and skincare services at 120+ retreats, is redefining how care should look, act, and inspire in communities across North America.

The brand was founded on passion and an authentic belief that the health and wellness benefits of high-quality massages and facials should be accessible to everyone. Since its beginning, the brand’s desire has been to elevate the communities they serve. As a result, Massage Heights will roll out a series of Culture of Care initiatives over the coming months. This will include special promotions and giveaways offered to members of the community who care for others, such as nurses, first responders, and teachers. In addition, Massage Heights is launching internal care programs to support franchisees in creating and sustaining inspiring and engaging work environments for their Retreat staff.

“Our research showed that what separates us from others in the industry is our genuine level of care – mainly the caring nature of our people who help improve wellness, boost energy levels and elevate lives,” said Susan Boresow, CEO and President of Massage Heights. “We genuinely listen to our guests and design personalized treatment options. As a result, they walk out feeling renewed and heard.”

The essence of the brand is intentionally captured within the Massage Heights logo. The mountains represent the struggles people face every day, and the glowing chi represents the inner life source – the energy that flows through each of us and is needed to be our best selves. The Massage Heights vision, mission and core values reflects a Culture of Care:

  • Our Vision: To live a culture of elevated wellness that inspires, transforms, and renews the lives of our people, our members, and the communities we serve.
  • Our Mission: To deliver an awesome, personalized, therapeutic experience for each guest, every time.
  • Core Values: Loyalty, Authenticity, Passion and Diligence are the four core values.

“We are here for those we serve and those we serve alongside,” said CG Funk, Senior Vice President of Culture & Industry Relations for Massage Heights. “We hear the countless positive stories from our members, massage therapists, estheticians, retreat directors and franchise owners of the renewed energy that’s rising in our retreats. Caring is in our culture and in our actions, not just our branding. Our actions will be seen in our ongoing programs to live out our vision and collectively elevate individual lives and those around them.”

About Massage Heights

Massage Heights, a family-owned massage and skincare wellness franchise, started in 2004 and has grown to 120+ Retreats throughout North America. Dedicated to elevating the lives of others, the health and wellness franchise provides personalized wellness treatment options through professional, affordable, resort-quality therapeutic massage and skincare services. For more information about Massage Heights and its franchise opportunities, please visit