Comparing Massage Insurance Companies

There are many different options to consider for just about every purchase we make, and massage insurance is no different. There are quite a few massage insurance companies out there, but terms can be different, information can be hard to find, and, let’s face it—the back-and- forth clicking is not a whole lot of fun. 

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you and put together all of the top programs in one spot so you can see how they stack up side-by-side. We’ll cover who the massage insurance companies are, what they offer, and how they compare.

Comparing Massage Insurance Companies

ABMP Massage Insurance

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) is a national membership association for the massage profession. As a professional association for massage therapists, ABMP provides a host of resources and participates in legislative advocacy to benefit the industry. Founded in 1987, ABMP includes liability insurance and business property insurance as one of the benefits of membership in their organization. 

Its site lists several areas of emphasis, including member benefits, massage insurance, continuing education, students-and-schools support, and additional resources. Certified members get a $20 monthly payment option, more CE, and more significant discounts than the professional plan offered.. ABMP, like all companies in our comparison, provides both professional massage therapist insurance as well as massage student insurance.

Focusing on the massage professional insurance portion of what ABMP provides, we see a $2 million per incident and $6 million total each year as an individual annual aggregate; however, the only listed coverage areas are general liability, professional liability, and product liability. The policies are made as occurrence form coverage, which is by far the industry's preferred format but not something every company offers. 

AMTA Massage Therapy Insurance

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) lists itself as the “largest nonprofit community of massage therapists.” AMTA provides various member benefits, including massage therapy insurance. It is also heavily involved in advocacy at the federal, state, and local levels of government. As well, AMTA states it works on fair licensing in massage, and provides networking opportunities, continuing education classes and training. 

The AMTA site provides databases for massage therapists, massage schools, massage job seekers, resources for massage schools, and more. AMTA massage insurance only lists two coverage areas - professional liability and general liability, but they have many sub-areas under each of these, including product liability under the general liability portion. Within these coverage areas, members get limits of $2 million per claim up to $6,000,000 annual aggregate. Interestingly, AMTA lists they have a master policy of $10,000,000. This means that AMTA will only pay up to $10 million in claims in a given year for all its members.

Beauty and Bodywork Massage Therapist Insurance Coverage

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI), aka, is managed by Veracity Insurance Solutions LLC and provides insurance to a wide range of modalities. Massage, cosmetology, esthetics, acupuncture, hair stylists, energy work, and more are all listed on the BBI site. It also has a long list of areas that aren’t covered, including aerial yoga, cupping, aqua therapy, and many more. Some of these excluded modalities are listed as “optional endorsements,” which basically means you can add coverage for that service as an add-on to your policy. 

We give props to BBI for listing pricing and coverage information up front and center (something you have to dig for with AMTA and ABMP). The current pricing information they list states $96 for a professional liability policy and $67 for a student liability policy. Limits include $2 million per occurrence and $3 million for general and professional liability. Products liability comes with $2 million in total. There’s also a separate damage-to-rental-premises coverage of $300,000.

MASSAGE Magazine’s Liability Insurance

MASSAGE Magazine started back in 1985 as the go-to resource for massage professionals. After being the leader in massage publications for decades, our team saw the need for professional-caliber insurance at an affordable rate. With the same mission of supporting professionals, we created massage liability insurance. This all-inclusive massage insurance plan covers the greatest amount of modalities simultaneously—over 450 at present, with more being added all the time. There’s also free massage continuing education courses, discounts from top names in massage products and business services, and hosts of additional benefits and resources. 

On top of all these benefits is, of course, the policy itself. When we went to set limits, we wanted to place them in the sweet spot for today’s types of risks. Too low and your members may not have adequate coverage, and too high means they’re paying for something they’ll likely never use. That’s why we include $2 million per occurrence and a $3 million individual annual aggregate for general and professional liability, a $2 million product liability limit, and then take it further than anyone with a $25,000 identity protection plan, $1,000 in stolen equipment coverage, and $100,000 in damage to a rented premises coverage. 

All of this is available at both part-time and full-time rates, students-only rates, flexible monthly payments, and money-saving upfront premium options. We do all of this to give ultimate flexibility in a plan that’s easy to access from start to finish.

Comparing Options with Massage Liability Insurance

Cheapest Massage Insurance

“Cheap” sometimes makes you think less quality and with some things in life that’s true. Cheap may not mean less quality with insurance but there are some big differences to note such as some of these plans are truly “bare bones”. 

Lowest to highest of all student plans offered:

  • ABMP: $15 for students
  • InsureLMT: $35 for students
  • MASSAGE Magazine: $40 for students
  • Beauty and Bodywork Insurance: $67 for students
  • AMTA: $89 for students

Lowest to highest of all professional plans offered:

  • Beauty and Bodywork Insurance: $96/yr for professionals
  • InsureLMT Insurance: $97/yr for professionals
  • MASSAGE Magazine: $169 per year for professionals
  • ABMP: $199 per year for professionals
  • AMTA: $235 per year for professionals
Best Massage Therapy Liability Insurance

Most Coverage in Massage Therapy Insurance

Coverage is obviously very important with massage insurance—but remember that limits need to be set with a lot of forethought, and you don’t want to have more than you need or conversely less than you might need. ABMP’s limits and pricing are structured on two different tiers based on your experience level; here, we provided their “professional” level to keep this comparison as close as possible.

  • Professional liability: MASSAGE Magazine, ABMP, AMTA, and Beauty and Bodywork Insurance all have $2 million per occurrence. AMTA and ABMP have $6 million aggregates but AMTA has a shared limit of $10,000,000.
  • General liability: MASSAGE Magazine, ABMP, AMTA, and Insure Bodywork/BBI all have $2 million per occurrence. Here too, AMTA and ABMP have $6 million aggregates and AMTA has that shared limit of $10 million.
  • Product liability: BBI has a $3 million strictly product liability limit. Next in line is MASSAGE Magazine with a $2 million total limit. ABMP and AMTA include product liability but they fall under other coverage areas and are subject to those limits.
  • Rental damage coverage: BBI - $300,000, MASSAGE Magazine - $100,000, ABMP and AMTA have $100,000 as well but only cover fire- and water-related damages. 
  • Stolen Equipment: MASSAGE Magazine - $1,000. ABMP, AMTA, and Beauty and Bodywork have varying options for adding coverage for additional fees.
  • Identity Protection Plan: MASSAGE Magazine - $25,000. No other massage insurance company appeared to include this vital coverage for today’s therapists.

Best Benefits With Massage Therapist Insurance Coverage

  • MASSAGE Magazine: free massage continuing education courses, 450+ modalities covered, instant coverage, free professional website, and over $1,800 in discounts and deals from top names in massage products and business services.
  • AMTA: discount on continuing education and other services, networking opportunities, publication access, therapist and school databases.
  • ABMP: free CE hours, magazine subscription, and additional discounts available. Note here the level of benefits received is based on professional vs. certified plans.
  • Beauty and Bodywork Insurance: 25% off massage therapy CE hours with a BBI policy.

So, Who Has the Best Massage Therapy Liability Insurance?

With one of the only massage insurance companies to not have an hour qualification or required annual CE hours, MASSAGE Magazine’s liability insurance takes the cake for minimal hassle. 

Add that to one of the most affordable, straightforward price options, the highest diversity of coverage, instant coverage from the moment you sign up, and the best benefits package around, and it’s clear to see why thousands of massage therapists continue to rate their experience with the program so highly. In the end, the best massage therapy insurance is going to be the one that provides you with the support you need to practice what you love with confidence.
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