Massage Therapy Insurance Policy Details

If you have been searching for the perfect insurance for massage therapists, you probably know that every policy is slightly different. It can be easy to become bogged down with all the terms, details, and coverages of the insurance plans. That’s why we created this road map for our massage therapy insurance policy.

In this guide, you can find the particulars of what’s covered, how much coverage you have, plan costs, and member benefits. Here is all you need to know about our massage therapy insurance plan. 

When you choose insurance from Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, you receive not only excellent protection but also coverage for several types of liabilities. Our plan includes protection for general liability, professional liability, product liability, rental property damages, stolen/damaged equipment, and identity theft protection. 

Let’s explore each of these in further detail.

massage insurance policy detail

Three Policy Options

part-time policy

Only practice part-time? Save $20 on coverage with our part-time policy




  • Built for those who work fewer than 10 hours per week 
  • Instant proof of insurance certificate
  • Over $1,800 in industry discounts
2 year full-time policy

Purchase our two-year policy option and lock-in an annual rate of only $145. 




  • Save $49 with this option
  • Over $1,800 in industry discounts
  • Instant proof of insurance certificate

Coverage Details

massage therapy insurance coverage details

General Liability Coverage

When we talk about general liability, we are referring to incidents that may occur that are not directly related to your profession. These could include falls, slips, trips, or bodily harm to a client or person under your care. These types of accidents are typically caused by negligence and could happen in nearly any place of business. 

With our massage therapist insurance policy, you would be financially protected if a client files a general liability claim against you. This plan covers up to $2 million per occurrence with an annual aggregate (maximum that Massage Magazine Insurance Plus could pay) of $3 million per year.

Professional Liability Coverage

As opposed to general liability, professional liabilities are directly related to your occupation. These are incidents that may happen during a massage session, like burns from hot stones, a tweaked nerve in a deep tissue massage, or a bodily injury of some kind. These types of claims are typically caused by an accidental mistake or an unknown issue. 

If a client sues you under a professional liability claim, MMIP will cover up to $2 million per claim with an annual aggregate of $3 million. 

Product Liability Coverage

As a massage therapist, you likely use a variety of products with your clients. Products may be considered oils, aromatic agents, Swedish massage branches, or other such instruments. Product liability claims are typically related to adverse reactions to these products due to an allergy or intolerance. 

If a client suffers a reaction due to a product you use and files a claim, product liability coverage can help cover the financial responsibility of the claim. Our policy includes up to $2 million for product liability claims. 

Rental Property Damage Coverage

The majority of massage therapists rent the space in which they operate their business. While renting can provide some excellent location opportunities, it can also come with certain risks. One such risk is if an incident occurs that damages the rental property. If you rent, your landlord could hold you responsible for any repair costs that may be associated with the rental property damage. 

Our massage therapist insurance policy offers coverage if the property you are renting is damaged. If you are facing the cost of rental property damage, MMIP will pay up to $100,000 to help cover the cost of the repairs.

Stolen/Damaged Equipment Coverage 

Some of the equipment you use for massage can make a significant difference in your work. Think about your massage table, stone heater, or aromatherapy diffuser. Without these pieces, your massage session would be unachievable. Our massage therapy insurance policy covers these essential pieces of equipment and other items that you use every day. 

If your equipment is damaged or stolen, our policy will help cover up to $1,000 to replace or repair the equipment with a low $250 deductible.

Identity Theft Protection

In today’s era, an online presence has become a standard practice for small businesses. Whether you use social media, online marketing, or an online scheduling system, your information is out there. While this can be a great tool to connect with clients, it can also lead to potential hazards like identity theft. If your identity is stolen, it can end up costing you a good deal of money and frustration. 

Our policy includes coverage for identity theft and will pay up to $25,000 to help you recoup losses. 

Types of Massage Covered

As you well know, there are a good many different types of massage therapies. Some forms of massage are common practices, like deep tissue, Swedish, and Reflexology, while others are less common, such as Balneotherapy, Ohashiatsu, and Hakomi. Many workers in the touch therapies industry specialize in multiple forms of massage and will use methods best suited to their client's needs. 

Because there are so many methods and modalities of massage, we felt it important to offer coverage for as many forms as possible. We have coverage for everything from the most recognizable to the more obscure practices of massage. With over 450 modalities covered for massage and wellness, you can be certain that we have some of the most comprehensive coverage on the market. 

Member Benefits

Now we get to the really fun stuff; the perks of membership. As a policyholder, your benefits are designed to pamper and delight you, as well as provide for your everyday needs. You care for your clients every day; now, let our exclusive benefits take good care of you. 

Access to Continuing Education

As a massage worker, you will need to maintain your educational requirements to keep practicing. Each state will have specific requirements for hours of continuing education units (CEUs), which you must fulfill annually. Because your state requirements are such an important part of your career, we made it a little easier to maintain your massage education with access to over 55 hours of educational materials.

As an MMIP member, you are granted unlimited access to 25 courses of NCBTMB-approved educational videos, texts, and quizzes. These courses are designed to help you meet your state certification requirements each year. 

Free Online Therapy from BetterHelp

Just because you are a promoter of wellness and relaxation does not mean that you will never need help yourself. Taking care of your mental health should be a high priority for you, especially as a worker in touch therapy. 

Included with our massage therapy insurance policy, you can have free therapy from BetterHelp to talk with licensed therapists. We believe that everyone needs help from time to time. We want to make sure that our members have access to the help they need. 

Exclusive Discounts

Just to add a little icing on the proverbial cake, our members have a range of incredible discounts on the services and products that make life and work a little easier. With discounts to places like RockTape, Office Depot, Advanced Trainings, Custom Craftworks, and more, the perks keep on coming. 

We want you to have all the tools you need to be a successful massage therapist. These deep discounts are just one way that we can spoil you a little. 

Access to Affordable Health Insurance Plans

With the aftereffects of the global pandemic still occurring, having access to health care is more important than ever before. That’s why we offer access to an entire marketplace of affordable health insurance plans for our members. We’ve teamed up with member benefits to bring you health insurance for massage therapists at a cost that matches your budget and medical needs. 

We know how tough massage can be on massage therapists. Taking care of your personal health shouldn’t have to be a pain, however, when you get massage therapy insurance from MMIP, getting the health care you need is simple and affordable. 

Free Digital Issues of MASSAGE Magazine

As an added bonus, our members receive a free digital subscription to MASSAGE Magazine. Stay up to date on the latest massage trends, news, and events in the world of massage.

Cost of Massage Therapy Insurance Policy

Other policies can cost more than advertised with hidden fees or additional costs. Our massage therapy insurance is upfront and honest about the cost of our policy. 

  • 1 Year of Full-Time Coverage: Designed for those that work in massage as their full-time career, this plan is only $169 per year, which can be paid all at once or in 12 monthly installments of $15.49. 

  • 2 Years of Coverage: Also for our full-timers, this plan gives you two years of coverage for $289 or 12 payments of $26.49.

  • 1 Year of Coverage for Part-Time Workers: This option is designed for those that work less than 10 hours a week and cost $149 or $13.66/mo for 12 months. 

  • Student Rate for One Year of Coverage: For the first year, the student rate is only $40 for the same great coverage. 

Benefits Only: If you only want the exclusive perks, you can select the Benefits Only plan for just $49 per year.


Get Insured Today

And there you have it! All the details of our massage therapy insurance policy. Register today and start coverage right away. 

The Liability master policy is issued to the Insurance Plus Risk Purchasing Group, members of which are also members of Protection Plan Association, Inc. The Identity Protection Plan is powered by Identity Fraud, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, whose members include members of Protection Plan Association, Inc. Protection Plan, Inc.  is the insurance partner for Massage Magazine and Protection Plan Association, Inc. members. Willis of New York, Inc., a 50-state licensed broker, is the broker for all coverage under the Massage Magazine Insurance Plus program. Willis of New York, Inc. also serves as excess and surplus lines broker for the Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Program. Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability coverage under the Massage Magazine Insurance Plus program is underwritten in the surplus lines market by Aspen Specialty Insurance Company, which is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. Persons insured by surplus lines companies are not eligible for recourse through any state guarantee fund for the obligations of an insolvent insurer. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is included as a member benefit of Protection Plan Association, Inc., an association for health, wellness and beauty professionals and students created for the purpose of providing valuable and important benefits and services to its members. Neither Insurance Plus Risk Purchasing Group, Protection Plan Association, Inc., Protection Plan, Inc or Massage Magazine Insurance Plus are insurers. 820 A1A N Highway, Suite W18 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082