MASSAGE Magazine announces the six winners of its 2014 Spring Sweepstakes, sponsored by MASSAGE Magazine, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus and Massage Warehouse.

MASSAGE Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of its 2014 Spring Sweepstakes with Massage Magazine Insurance Plus and Massage Warehouse. The grand-prize rewards of $1,000 cash go to Rhoda Mauclair of Miami, Florida, and Linda Herndon of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Anna Reed of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Vicki Cunningham of Farmington, New Mexico, will each receive a $500 gift card, courtesy of Massage Warehouse, as the second-prize winners of the sweepstakes. Jessica Sanor of Seffner, Florida, and Sarah Shah of Asheville, North Carolina, are the third-prize winners; and they will each receive a $100 gift card to be used toward purchases at Bon Vital’.  

“We launched this sweepstakes to support massage students in their educational pursuits, and to support massage therapists in their professional practice and continued education in bodywork,” said Heather Alves, Director of Insurance Plus. “We hope these prizes will do just that.”

Meet the Winners

RhodaRhoda Mauclair — 

“Thank you for this blessing. I was blown away by the email announcing my win. I had my husband and close friend read it aloud. Once they convinced me that it was real, I started dancing and singing to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. This money will help me get my massage practice going. I’m looking forward to using my skills to make a difference and this money to equip my practice.” 





LindaLinda Herndon — 

“My reaction to winning this sweepstakes was total disbelief and total excitement. This type of thing never happens to me! The grand-prize money has given me a wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop, purchase massage products and so much more. I’m a long-time subscriber to MASSAGE Magazine, and I never dreamed of winning a prize such as this.”





AnnaAnna Reed — 

“I am so grateful, and at loss for words, over how excited I am to win second place in the sweepstakes with Massage Warehouse and MASSAGE Magazine. This prize is truly amazing. It will help me get the things I need for my business so I can better help my clients. Thank you so much.” 






VickiVicki Cunningham — 

“Wow! I am shocked and thrilled to have won this prize. I can’t believe it. I am so grateful and in need of so many things from Massage Warehouse; this is great news! Thank you so much. I am passionate about the healing benefits of massage for people, and this prize will help me get many of the products that I need for my practice.”





JessicaJessica Sanor — 

Wow! I am so excited; this is the first time I have won anything online!  I currently attend Cortiva Institute Pinellas Park, and I’m graduating in three weeks. My goal is to be able to help those who are in need or those who just want to relax and wind down.  Everyone deserves to feel good!”






SarahSarah Shah — 

“I am recently licensed and currently practicing at The Cosmic Groove, a non-profit that provides very affordable massages to the community. Pursuing the healing arts was such a transformational experience for me and continues to be with each client. I cannot thank you enough for this prize!”