Three covers of Massage Magazine. One shows a man giving massage outside; one shows three women of various sizes and races promoting self-care at any size, and one shows a man on a bicycle next to the cover line "massage gives cyclies the competitive edge."

Celebrating 35 years in publication, MASSAGE Magazine is bringing its readers exclusive coverage, expert insights and fun throwback posts throughout 2020.

Join the Celebration

MASSAGE Magazine’s
staff knows that the magazine wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our dedicated
readers, so we want you to share in the celebration.

June is our special Anniversary Issue, featuring voices from the past 35 years along with advice and inspiration for today’s practitioners. December will feature a timeline of massage, integrative and health milestones that have occurred since 1985.

Every issue of the print magazine will feature an established CE provider or technique developer taking a look at how massage has evolved since the magazine began in 1985. (Read one such essay, “From Zero Biz Books to a $15 Billion Industry: The Evolution of Massage Business.”)

Online, join the magazine’s Facebook page and closed Facebook group for massage practitioners, where you’ll see covers and coverage from past issues and the opportunity to share memories, milestones and ideas for the future.

A Brief History of MASSAGE Magazine

MASSAGE Magazine was founded in 1985 by massage therapists Robert and Judi Calvert as the first magazine dedicated to reporting on massage and related touch therapies. The magazine relocated to its permanent home in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2005, when it was purchased by The Doyle Group and joined Chiropractic Economics magazine at an established publishing company.

As the only independent massage publication, MASSAGE Magazine is free of association
influence. The magazine is known as the objective, unbiased voice of the
massage and touch therapy field, reporting on technique, news, legislation, self-care,
research, business and more.

Magazine Insurance Plus
launched in 2009, bringing comprehensive,
affordable liability insurance to massage therapists. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus also offers MLBEx
test-prep, continuing
and additional
benefits to massage therapy students and practitioners.

MASSAGE Magazine created
the industry’s first Buyers Guide, published every January, and the first magazine
dedicated to brand-new massage therapists, New
, published each September. In 2018 MASSAGE Magazine launched its All-Star Program with the top
educators in the nation.

Every issue of the monthly print magazine contains exclusive
features and interviews, sections on self-care, practice building, research,
technique, industry news and more.

Online, offers additional articles, interviews and e-books. On social media, the magazine has almost 144,000 followers on Facebook, and is active on Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

To the Future!

MASSAGE Magazine’s
staff looks forward to many more years of partnering with the best CE providers,
the most innovative manufacturers and vendors, and offering the articles,
insurance, product resources and education that massage therapists can use right
now for business and session-room success.