Massage Magazine Insurance Plus partners with BodyPartChart™ to offer two Facebook fans a chance to win a Muscles–Front and Rear View chart (any size) during the month of December

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Partners with BodyPartChart in December Facebook Giveaway, MASSAGE MagazineMassage Magazine Insurance Plus has kicked off the month of December by offering its Facebook fans a chance to win one of two Muscles–Front and Rear View charts (any size, up to a $179.99 value), courtesy of BodyPartChart™.

“BodyPartChart provides the latest advancement in educational resource tools for medical educators and health-care practitioners everywhere,” said Dr. Sam Gray, co-founder of BodyPartChart. “Our detailed, self-adhesive wall graphics encourage richer, interactive patient discussions and truly demonstrate ‘learning that sticks.'”

Gray envisions a muscle system in every massage therapy office, spine illustrations in every chiropractic practice and heart cross-section graphics in every cardiothoracic room. “In addition to the educational advantages of having a dry-erasable anatomy graphic, the vivid and flexible BodyPartCharts will bring color and consistency to massage therapy centers, schools and everywhere else massage therapy is practiced,” Gray said.

Much more than the average medical poster, BodyPartChart™ anatomical charts are the revolution in health-care teaching aids and patient education. Powered by Fathead®, BodyPartChart peel-and-stick graphics are easy to apply, amazingly detailed, movable, reusable and adhere to most smooth surfaces without leaving residue or damaging the wall. Unlike traditional anatomical charts and medical posters, BodyPartChart products are dry erasable, allowing therapists, doctors and other educators the ability to shorten the learning curve when educating clients and patients.

December’s giveaway will end Dec. 31 at 4 p.m. EST. This particular giveaway is only offered to Facebook fans of Massage Magazine Insurance Plus ( To enter into the giveaway, go to Massage Magazine Insurance Plus’ Facebook page and click on the “Sweepstakes” tab.

About Massage Magazine Insurance Plus

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) includes professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, product liability insurance, $2 million per occurrence, $3 million annual aggregate coverage, $2 million product aggregate coverage, $100,000 rental damage insurance, $15,000 identity protection insurance and $1,000 stolen table and equipment coverage. In addition to each therapist receiving full insurance coverage immediately upon completion of a short online application, the massage therapist receives a free website, directory listing and monthly newsletter.

To sign up now or for more information on MMIP, visit or call (800) 222-1110. Connect with MMIP on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

About BodyPartChart™

BodyPartChart is much more than the average anatomical poster or paper chart; it’s the revolutionary teaching aid and patient education tool. BodyPartChart was brought to life and inspired by encouraging patient-health care provider interaction and dialogue. BodyPartCharts are designed to create visual impact and enhance the educational experience in exam rooms, waiting areas, class rooms, dorm rooms and any other areas where patient education and learning is a priority.

For more information on BodyPartChart™, visit or call (888) 71-CHART. Connect with BodyPartChart™on Facebook at and on Twitter at