MASSAGE Magazine partners with GotYourBack to offer Facebook fans a chance to win a massage table, cushioning system and therapy kit during the month of December

MASSAGE Magazine Partners with GotYourBack in Final Facebook Giveaway of 2012MASSAGE Magazine has kicked off the month of December by offering its Facebook fans a chance to win a Nirvana 2n1 Massage Table, Nirvana Mate 2 Cushioning System and Mu-Xing Therapy Kit, courtesy of GotYourBack. One winner will be chosen, and you must “Like” the pages of MASSAGE Magazine and GotYourBack on Facebook to be eligible to win.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with MASSAGE Magazine in their Facebook Giveaway during this holiday season,” said Bronwen DuPertuis, owner of GotYourBack. “This is a time where we can all come together and celebrate with gratitude, generosity and a renewed commitment to peace and justice. We are offering three unique products that showcase our commitment to quality products, ergonomics and cutting-edge techniques. May the lucky winner enjoy this gift and thrive in their practice.”

The Nirvana 2n1 Massage Table with breast recess, neck contour and multilayer padding provides maximum comfort for women and men. The breast recess feature alleviates pressure on the breasts and allows the spine relax into a more neutral position. Massage therapists will find their work easier because the musculature of the mid and lower back is more relaxed, making palpation, pressure and stretching easier. The pillow insert can be easily replaced for supine massage or male clients. You may also leave the breast filler out during supine work for greater access to the neck and shoulder region.

“The state-of-the-art breast contour design on the Nirvana 2n1 allowed me to reach full and complete relaxation of my body,” said Sarah Connelly of Chicago, Illinois. “This innovative feature rids any back strain and chest pain that are common on regular tables. The most comfortable massage I have received to date has been on the Nirvana 2n1. Excellent quality product; I highly recommend!”

The Nirvana Mate 2 is an ergonomic cushioning system every therapist should have. The Nirvana Mate folds simply in half for easy transportation and only weighs 3.5 pounds. The breast recess feature provides comfort to women by taking pressure off of the breasts in prone position. In addition, the recess feature allows the spine to stay in better alignment, which helps the client relax more fully. The Nirvana Mate works on any standard portable table 28 inches to 35 inches wide.

Mu-Xing Therapy is a treatment using warm bamboo and rosewood tools to perform deep-tissue massage. The therapist uses Mu-Xing instruments of different shapes and sizes to apply a variety of massage strokes that address ischemic tissue and promote a deep sense of overall well-being and relaxation. This Mu-Xing Therapy Kit includes an instructional DVD that covers a full-body massage with facial techniques and an introduction to chair techniques; a three-piece Rosewood Tool Kit; and an eight-piece Bamboo Massage Tools Kit.

MASSAGE Magazine launched its monthly Facebook giveaway program Nov. 1, 2010, and each month a new prize will be featured.

“We truly appreciate our readers, and because of the popularity of Facebook, we wanted to offer our Facebook fans a chance to win prizes that will help them in their everyday practice,” said Jennifer Whalen, MASSAGE Magazine‘s editor of integrated media. “Each month, we will offer our fans a chance to win a range of prizes, from massage lubricants and educational materials to table accessories. We want to support the massage industry as well as the companies producing these high-quality products—but most importantly, we want to support massage therapists in the healing work they do.”

December’s giveaway will end Dec. 31 at 4 p.m. EST. This particular giveaway is only offered to Facebook fans of MASSAGE Magazine (

How to enter the giveaway

To enter into the giveaway, go to MASSAGE Magazine‘s Facebook page at Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, “Like” MASSAGE Magazine and GotYourBack’s Facebook pages. After you like the pages, click on the “Giveaways” tab on MASSAGE Magazine‘s Facebook page, which is located beneath the cover image at the top of the page (it has an image of a gift box). Once you click on the tab, it will prompt you on how to enter into the giveaway.

Users must be logged in to a computer to enter into the giveaway, as the giveaway tab is not found on mobile devices.

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