Irene Diamond, R.T., founder of and one of the most influential and highly acclaimed business-success and marketing mentors in the massage profession, has announced a brand-new teleSeminar she is hosting called, “Don’t Lose $1000’s of Business BEFORE You Even Start! First Impressions Can Make (or Break) Your Practice.” This teleSeminar, to be held Feb. 28 at 3 p.m. EST, will also feature Deb Zabretzsky, massage therapist and account executive at Oakworks Inc. The teleseminar is sponsored by Massage Magazine Insurance Plus.

“Many therapists are actually losing thousands of dollars worth of business and they don’t even recognize it, because they don’t have the missing pieces in place to make a stellar first impression,” states business coach and mentor Diamond. “If you’re a therapist wondering why you can’t get your practice filled with happy clients, in many cases all it takes to turn it around is a few important tweaks to your therapy room, how you present yourself and how the client perceives you, to experience more success in your business. The goal is to put yourself in your client’s shoes and ‘see’ what your clients see. It may surprise you!”

After coaching therapists over the last decade, Diamond knows the challenges and obstacles therapists face when running their practice. A lot of therapists don’t have a solid business background so they simply follow the example of other therapists they know or they listen to what their massage school instructors tell them regarding running a massage business, but the problem is that many educators have never themselves experienced success in their practice so unfortunately they are leading therapists down the wrong path, which results in burn out, dissatisfaction and sometimes even injury.

Diamond also knows therapists usually don’t have much (if any) startup funds, so financially they need to know how to get the most “bang for their buck” when it comes to purchasing equipment, advertising and all the other details of setting up their therapy environment.

In this 75-minute teleSeminar, therapists will:

  • Hear the truth on why it is absolutely critical clients have a great first impression of them and their practice.
  • Cringe when they learn what they and their therapy room actually shouts to clients–even before they open their mouth.
  • Find out the three things they must have when they greet their new client for the first time.
  • Discover how to get the most “bang for your buck” when they choose their therapy equipment, so they don’t over spend but get real value that will last a long time.
  • What most massage schools don’t teach them that can really be hurting their income and their body.
  • Hear some horror stories about therapists cutting corners and how they can avoid doing the same thing.

To register for “First Impressions Can Make (or Break) Your Business” teleSeminar, visit There is no cost to attend and it is held via telephone. A recording will be available for those who can’t make it on the seminar live.

About Irene Diamond

Irene Diamond is founder of, an online resource devoted to teaching and supporting therapreneurs around the world in setting up and growing their therapy businesses in a way that allows them to touch more clients. Through her seminars, workshops, articles, coaching programs and products, Diamond shows therapists how to design their dream practice filled with dream clients, achieve stellar clinical results and earn a great income doing what they love. To reach Irene Diamond, visit