massage marketingEven if your practice has a top-notch website and a massive email list, you may soon become a dinosaur in the area of massage marketing unless you understand the coming trends. From now on, it’s all about mobile.

I send and analyze email campaigns just about every day. Some of these email lists contain a few hundred addresses, some a few thousand; and even a few have hundreds of thousands. The trend is the same whether I am analyzing a small sample or large campaign. All the marketers I know report the same trends, as well as the well-established marketing associations that have literally billions of bits of data they compare every year.

Mobile Trends

Here are three trends I’ve observed with my clients.

Marketing Trend #1: About half of the people reading my clients’ emails read them on their phones.

Marketing Trend #2: Those people who read my clients’ emails on their phones also visit my clients’ websites on their phones.

Marketing Trend #3: When these people request information online, almost 50 percent ask to receive emails or text messages containing alerts, offers or links to newsletters on their phones.

What Mobile Means for Massage Marketing

Fifty percent is a huge chunk of the marketplace—your marketplace. You may be thinking, My potential or current clients don’t use their phones like that. It is likely you are wrong; and even if you are right, it is only temporary. This trend is growing fast.

Saying you do not have to prepare for mobile massage marketing now is akin to the period 10 or 15 years ago, when many practice owners would say they did not need a website, or that clients did not want to communicate via email. Even if your practice is the rarity that survives on word-of-mouth alone, that is going to change. As older clients leave your practice, you will be serving a younger market—and they will be using their phones even more.

People now see their laptop and desktop computers as work machines. They use them at the office, or at home to pay bills (although paying bills via smartphone is on the rise as well), file taxes or do financial planning. When people want to get information quickly, reach someone instantly or do something that is important to them, they grab their phones first. People browse the Internet on their phone’s browser, often first. For those services they want constant access to, or services they use frequently, they want to get text messages, or have apps for them on their phones.

Get started now

Sign up for a text and mobile marketing service right away. It’s cheap; it can be as little as $5 a month. Learn how to use the service and start doing some email campaigns, and get in the game. (Here are some other articles that may help: “List-Building: The Massage Marketing Strategy You Need to Succeed” and “Why Your Massage Newsletter Needs An Overhaul.”)

Talk to a marketing company that can create what is called a responsive design for your emails and website. A responsive design will automatically change the way content is viewed based on what device a person uses to view your email or website. With a responsive design your emails and website will look like you want them to and be easy to read and navigate on a phone, desktop, tablet or laptop; this is very important because most websites and emails are impossible to read without great difficulty on a small screen, so people just do not bother. The marketing messages in those emails and visits to the website then go to waste.

Recently I did a small email campaign for a client to 3,400 prospective customers. The open rate—or percentage of people who opened the message—was over 14 percent, which was good for this product and client. The click-through rate to the client’s website was good as well, with hundreds of visits. In this campaign, more than 73 percent of those website visits originated from a phone, which means that more than 73 percent of the people read the emails on their phones. 

Get help if you need it—but take your massage marketing mobile

If you are serious about growing your practice, set aside the time you need to learn how to move to text and mobile. If you are short on time, or cash flow won’t allow hiring someone to help, start small, with just one massage marketing campaign a month. Once you see the incredible return on your investment, finding the resources and time to move to once a week will be easy.

Gain new clients with massage marketing

Matthew FiorenzaAbout the Author

Matthew Fiorenza has more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, and is the senior marketing consultant at Text I.Q. (, a company that provides text and mobile marketing services for health care practitioners.