March 10, 2009 — The following articles are the top 15 most-read news stories for February on

Communication and practice-building articles topped the list, followed by several health and industry news items.

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Top 15 most-read news stories—February
1. Modern Massage Myths
Since I began my massage therapist journey more than 17 years ago, I’ve had to come to terms with certain ins and outs of this business—both what people expect of me and what I expect of myself. There are a lot of modern myths associated with being in this healing field, some of which are best left to the history books. Any of these scenarios sound familiar? … Read more

2. Empathy: Do You Feel What I Feel? 
You’re at the mall with friends and suddenly you feel so overwhelmed, you have to get out of there. At a party, you start to get a really bad headache and moments later, the person you were talking to confesses she has a migraine. The massage client you are working on comes in with bad sciatica, and by the end of the session, he feels great but you have low-back pain. Any of these scenarios sound familiar? These types of occurrences are common with people who are intuitive empaths. … Read More

3. Going Green in Your Spa
“Going green” has its ups and downs, and those two simple words can scare people away. The ups include a cleaner environment, stronger communities and lower expenses over time. The downs are the initial expenses—and the time it takes to think through and change some habits.… Read more

4. Massage Therapy Articles Needed
MASSAGE Magazine Online Community Looking for PR Sources, Authors, Expert Massage Contributors … Read More

5. Sesame Oil Brings Benefits to Massage Cream
At the mention of sesame oil, many people may immediately think of a favorite Asian dish or a bottle of cooking oil in the cupboard. However, as a massage therapist, your first thought might be the use of sesame oil as a lubricant for bodywork. This vegetable oil, derived from sesame seeds, is a common element in massage lubricants. Not only can it be used alone or in combination with essential oils for scents, but it also is an ingredient often found in massage creams. … Read More

6. Selecting Massage Lotions and Oils: Considerations for Sensitive Clients
The wide variety of massage lotions and oils available presents massage therapists and bodyworkers with wonderful opportunities to select products that can enhance the therapeutic experience. But what if the client has sensitive skin or allergies? … Read more

7. New Migraine Study Results Released
Massage therapy has positive effects on headache and migraine. A new literature review examines the health risks and economic burden of migraine. … Read More

8. The Un-Comfort Zone with Robert Wilson: The Pleasure Principle
Swing and miss. “Strike two,” cried the umpire. I threw one more pitch right at the player’s wrists. He swung hard, but the ball just dribbled right back to the pitcher’s mound. I picked it up and gently tossed it to the first baseman for the out. As the batter turned back toward the dugout, his team captain stepped out and screamed, “Darrell, you’ve got to get over your fear of this guy!” The words poured like sweet honey into my ears. … Read more

9. The Role of Water Inside the Body
From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Hydrotherapy for the Massage Practitioner,” by Richard Eidson, in the March 2009 issue. Article summary: Hydrotherapy involves bringing water into contact with the client’s body in a controlled manner, to produce specific therapeutic transformations. … Read More

10. Practice-Building Article Tops List of 15 Most-Read Articles on
The following articles are the top 15 most-read news stories for January on … Read More

11. FSMTB Appoints Director of Government Relations
An expert in the area of massage legislation is now the director of government relations for the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB), the federation announced Feb. 2. … Read More

12. Stay Fresh with Continuing Education on Body Mechanics
Due to the physical nature of massage therapy and the lessons learned from those who have gone before us, it is now well known that body mechanics play an integral role in the longevity and success of one’s massage career. Proper body mechanics can help stave off burnout, prevent injury, keep energy levels up and increase the amount of sessions you are able to give. … Read More

13. Developing a Personal Education Plan
Continuing education is more than just a requirement for state relicensure or for maintaining your professional association registration or certification. It can be a road map to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Developing a personal education plan can help you map your objectives, manage your schedule and finances and help you achieve those goals that will take you to the next level. … Read More

14. Sarah Bella Day Spa Introduces ‘Workshops for Wonderful Women’
Local spa owner, life coach now offering workshops for women to explore meaningful ways to learn about individual passions while gaining self-esteem and confidence. … Read More

15. Vascular Experts Call for Increased Awareness of Growing Problem of Lymphedema
Cancer Survivors Share Lifetime Risk for the Disease … Read More