When it comes to taking a continuing education class that is convenient and affordable, many professional massage therapists and bodyworkers are turning to online continuing education options. For practitioners who are thinking about attending their next continuing education class via computer, there are a few guidelines to consider.

Perhaps the most important thing to think about if you are trying to decide whether to take a continuing class online, versus in person, is the nature of the course. Think about the topic of the continuing education class you want to take and whether or not you will be able to make the most of the continuing education experience by taking the class online.

For example, some practitioners may not want to take an online continuing education class if the topic is a hands-on technique. This is because some people feel they learn tactile skills much better when they can take the continuing education class in person. However, this does not apply across the board. Other practitioners may be perfectly fine with learning a tactile skill through an online continuing education class.

In cases where the massage therapist or bodyworker already possesses basic, foundational skills of a certain modality, then taking an online continuing education class to further those existing skills may be a suitable option. However, if this same practitioner is just starting out and learning the basics of a particular modality, she may then wish to consider a continuing education class that takes place in person.

Again, this all depends on you and your preferred method of learning when it comes to the various topics of continuing education classes. Start by checking in with yourself and make an honest appraisal of whether or not online continuing education will work for you and the topic you seek to learn. For many therapists, online continuing education is a great method for learning about all nontactile topics, such as ethics, marketing and accounting.

The next two factors to consider on your quest to determine whether online continuing education is right for you are your schedule and budget. For massage therapists and bodyworkers who have busy schedules and perhaps a full family life, taking an online continuing education class can be incredibly appealing. This is because many online continuing education classes allow at least some level of flexibility in terms of attending the class and completing any assigned work and exams.

With an online continuing education class, practitioners also get to skip the time it takes to commute back and forth from a traditional classroom, or the travel necessary to attend continuing education seminars in far-off locations. These benefits also come into play when considering the financial burden of a continuing education class, as you will not need to spend gas money or purchase airline tickets and accommodations for an online continuing education class.