To complement “Expert Advice: How Difficult Is It to Get Started in Research?” by Paul Falkowski, in the July 2015 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: These organizations can help massage therapists who are interested in creating and conducting a massage research study.

massage research

Massage Therapy Foundation

The Massage Therapy Foundation awards research grants once a year to individuals or teams conducting studies on the efficacy of massage for specific conditions and the role of massage therapy in health care. It also publishes e-books, including How to Connect with a Researcher; administers case report contests for practitioners and students; and sponsors the International Massage Therapy Research Conference every three years.


National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health’s Office of Clinical Research Training and Medical Education offers research courses, including “Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research.”


Touch Research Institute

The Touch Research Institute offers a two-day workshop on conducting touch therapy research, which includes hands-on experience and education on various methods of data collection.


MassageNet Research Network

The MassageNet Research Network offers free, research-related video classes on its website, including Human Protections, How to Write a Case Report, Obtaining Consent and Searching the Literature.

Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation

The Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation offers a research grant and links to an online series of articles by Thomas Findley, M.D., Ph.D., on how to design clinical research. The foundation also sponsors the International Fascia Research Congress every three years.