Today marks the launch of an unprecedented event, “The Massage School Makeover.” Sponsored by Massage Warehouse, Massage Today and the World Massage Conference, this event brings together the Professional Products Community of Manufacturers, Publishers, Formulators, Artists, Educators, and Business Professionals in a way never before seen in our industry, and all from the desire to educate massage and bodywork professionals on the need to use only Professional Grade Products and Equipment in our schools and in our practices.

Beginning May 1, 2010, alumni, students and schools can go to to nominate and vote for their school. The event will amass nominations, votes and essays until Oct. 30, 2010. The nominees will be notified personally by Angie Patrick of Massage Warehouse, originator of the event, and each school nominated will be given FREE ACCESS to the World Massage Conference online for their school. In addition, each school nominated will also receive product samples and other surprises for their school and students. The winner will be chosen in the first two weeks of November and announced on Nov. 16, 2010 on the World Massage Conference Broadcast.

The Voters and Nominators will become eligible for individual prizes such as $100 gift certificates from Massage Warehouse, Professional Product Prizes, FREE Access to World Massage Conference and more! This project can benefit everyone who participates: Students, Therapists, and Schools! EVERYONE has an opportunity to win!

The event is made possible through the generous donations of our Professional Product Partners and their Professional Grade Products that will be awarded to the chosen school as well as the nominees. These products will be used to furnish the school with a well-appointed clinic and library. Included will be Massage Tables, Massage Chairs, Rolling Stools, Linens, Table Warmers, Fleece Pads, Blankets, Hot Towel Cabis, Cleaning Supplies, Charts, an extensive collection of products to complete a Video Library, Book Library, DVD Library, even a full Music Library. A year’s supply of Lubricants, Analgesics, and Essential Oils will also be included. To date, the total monetary value of the Massage School Makeover is in excess of $16,000 and growing.

The desire to educate practicing therapists and students on the value of utilizing only Professional Grade Products is one of the biggest driving forces behind this event. Schools, alumni and students can see the ever-growing list of companies providing goods for this worthwhile event on

“It is an event unlike any other. With the partnership of Scott Dartnall (World Massage Conference) and Sandra Pearce (Massage Today), and our Professional Products Partners we are able to breathe life into this project that has been collecting dust in my head for over a year. We are so proud to bring together the entire community in such a way that supports schools, students and practicing therapists by creating a venue to showcase and shed light on many of the products on the market available to us. It is in the spirit of building a stronger industry from the very foundation that this project was born. I am delighted to see it grow wings and take flight,” said Angie Patrick, originator of the Massage School Makeover.


Angie Patrick                                                                                                    
Director of Business Development, Massage Warehouse          

Sandra Pearce
Marketing Manager, Massage Today
(714) 230-3162

Scott Dartnall RMT
Co-Founder, World Massage Conference