Use these 17 massage software recommendations to book and reschedule sessions, send appointment reminders, file SOAP notes, follow up with clients and more.

How much of your workday do you spend doing things other than providing massage.

Things such as filing, billing, scheduling and answering the phone?

Those tasks are critical to running a business, but they’re not necessarily what you want to be doing.

If you find you’re taking too much time handling the day-to-day details of your practice, massage software might be the solution.

This roundup of business software represents only a handful of the many efficient products out there that can take the place of an administrative staff member, which is especially helpful if you’re a solo practitioner without employees.

Use software to book and reschedule sessions, send appointment reminders, file SOAP notes, handle cancellations, follow up with clients you haven’t seen in a while, track retail sales, deploy your e-newsletter—and even book a massage for yourself after a hard day’s work.

1. Apptoto

This cloud-based, fully automated service app for business appointment books provides automatic voice, text and email reminders. Using this service can significantly decrease your no-shows. It’s compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, iCalendar and many other existing products.

Apptoto •

2. Artichoke

This web-based software, which works well on mobile devices, features easy-to-use tools to power your massage business, in the office or on the go. It includes online scheduling, payment processing, gift card sales, client management, client reviews, reports, appointment reminders and tracking of income and expenses.

Artichoke •

3. Aspire

With a few simple taps, you can create comprehensive SOAP notes, handle client scheduling, send clients personalized email reminders and handle payments. Aspire, which will be available for web, iOS and Android, is still in the testing phase, but you can sign up for an email alert to be among the first to try it out once it launches. Engage with clients while creating a clinical experience they will appreciate, and see your practice thrive.

Aspire Inc. •

4. Bodywork Buddy

Designed especially for the needs of solo massage therapists, online-based Bodywork Buddy offers scheduling, appointment reminders, sales tracking, SOAP notes, expense reporting, customizable client intake forms and more. A special feature called Optimized Scheduling can help cluster appointments together so you can eliminate gaps in your workday.

Bodywork Buddy •

5. Booksy Biz

Using this software, clients can view your real-time appointment availability and receive immediate confirmation and reminder emails 24/7, and you’ll receive notifications of booked appointments. In addition to mobile app access, Booksy Biz features scheduling widgets you can embed into your website and Facebook page. You can also collect payments and manage marketing tasks.

Booksy •

6. Click4Time

Designed for massage therapists, Click4Time’s premium online practice management and appointment booking software automates client administration and communications. You can take appointments and payment for services online 24/7; manage client history with e-SOAP notes and e-charting; accept new clients with e-referrals; and send automated reminders by email, SMS or push notification.

Click4Time Software Inc. •

7. ClinicSense

This web-based product was created to help reduce the stress of managing a massage therapy business. ClinicSense features easy-to-use SOAP notes, online appointment scheduling, online intake forms, email appointment reminders, gift certificate sales, and billing and payment tracking.

ClinicSense •

8. Genbook

In addition to online scheduling, Genbook connects your business to major search engines to help prospective clients find you. You can also use it to schedule appointments, send reminders, process payments, manage client data, offer promotions and discounts, and share to social media with a single click. Genbook simplifies the review process, too, automatically requesting client feedback after appointments.

Genbook Inc. •

9. Hands Heal EHR

Update your clients’ charts quickly and efficiently with this app, which was created by a massage therapist. It allows clients to document complete pre- and post-session stress, pain and activity scales as well as other information that will help your clients keep track of their wellness. This app is secure and allows you to simplify your recordkeeping. If you teach, you can also use it to manage your classes.

Hands Heal EHR •

10. Jane

This web-based software, which works on any type of computer or mobile device, can help you manage clients’ care through online booking, scheduling, charting and receipts. You can also keep client and staff profiles; create, sell and reload gift cards; print reports; and send appointment notifications. Pricing is based on features selected and the number of practitioners in your business.

Jane Software Inc. •

11. MassageBook

MassageBook offers therapists a free web profile with seamless online booking and scheduling; easy accounting and client-management tools; a simple payment solution for clients booking online; interactive SOAP notes; easy integration into your business’ Facebook page; and marketing tools to help your business get found in online searches. (Its home page provides clients a search engine to help them find therapists in their area.)

MassageBook •

12. Massagetique

This site gives consumers a searchable online directory of massage therapy providers, while offering therapists free listings in its database; you can also download Massagetique’s free online marketing guide. Premium memberships come with additional benefits, such as the opportunity to submit posts to the Massagetique blog to showcase your expertise and get more exposure for your business.

Massagetique •

13. MINDBODY for Business

This online business management software helps massage therapists leverage technology to streamline business and make their services more accessible to clients. It enables massage therapists to take online appointments, organize staff schedules and payroll, manage client profiles, take payments, track sales and run promotions. This program is also available as an app so that customers can book from their mobile device.


14. SOAP Vault

Eliminate paper charts and filing cabinets—SOAP Vault is a web-based charting program specifically designed for massage therapists to create and keep client SOAP notes. Featuring advanced security to keep your data safe, this program can be used anywhere you can connect to the internet; you can also save files to PDF to share with other providers. In addition, SOAP Vault offers online scheduling, automated appointment reminders and sales tracking.

SOAP Vault •

15. Soothe

Establish an extra massage income stream by applying to become a therapist with Soothe, a company that dispatches massage therapists to provide on-demand massage in clients’ homes, offices or hotels. Or unwind on your day off—use the service online or via its mobile app to schedule a massage for your own self-care.

Soothe Inc. •

16. Square

Use this service via one of its mobile apps to accept payments or set up a point of sale anywhere. When you sign up, you’ll receive a magstripe card reader free; you can also order a special reader for chip cards, buy a stand that turns your iPad into a point-of-sale station, or invest in Square Register, a stand-alone point of sale. Square offers online appointment booking, reminders, employee management and payroll service options, as well.

Square Inc. •

17. Timely

Timely is an appointment software application for service-based businesses such as beauty and hair salons, massage therapists, health clinics and fitness trainers. With a color-coded calendar, you can easily organize your business, staff and clients. Other great features include 24/7 online booking, appointment reminders, point-of-sale capability, financial reporting, and add-ons for accounting, marketing and other functions.

Timely •