Massage, which benefits people of all ages, can be a useful therapy for seniors in treating and managing a wide range of conditions. Massage therapy improves circulation and lymphatic flow, and helps maintain mobility.

It decreases inflammation and can help alleviate muscle pain, stiffness and cramping. It improves muscle and skin tone, and enhances feelings of calmness and well-being. And, “it’s very social,” says massage therapist Shauna Sky Romano, director/ owner of Love2Move High Performance Coaching and Movement Education Centre, which offers massage therapy as one of its services.

According to Sky Romano, it’s important for older adults to find a good massage therapist who works with seniors and will address any health concerns they might have. “There are great therapists who can work with all kinds of contraindications and still give the benefits of massage, which is really important,” she says.

—Calgary Herald, Calgary, AB, Canada, June 29