JACKSONVILLE, FL (Jan. 7, 2023) — MASSAGE Magazine and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus announce the second annual Massage Therapist Appreciation Week, Jan. 23-27, 2023 — a week dedicated to helping massage therapists develop personally and professionally.

The purpose of Massage Therapist Appreciation Week is to show gratitude and support for the many thousands of massage therapists who show up to help make the world better by facilitating pain relief, relaxation and so much more.

“The best part?” said Massage Magazine Insurance Plus brand manager Hannah Young said, “We’re giving away a free Massage Magazine Insurance Plus membership that includes professional liability insurance coverage every day of the week.”

As a thank-you to massage therapists, this week offers a free daily eBundle downloadable packet that includes carefully curated guides and videos. The downloads lined up for the week of Jan. 23-27 include:

Monday, Jan. 23: A Day Dedicated To Self-Care

  • A Complete Guide to Strengthen Your Core & Improve Your Massage
  • Top 7 Body Mechanic Tips
  • Self-Guided Gassho Meditation Webinar & MP3

Tuesday, January 24: Sharpen Your Business Skills

  • A MT’s Guide to Combat Inflation
  • Tax Tips To Benefit Your Top Line
  • Benefits of Incorporating Reiki into Your Practice Webinar

Wednesday, January 25: Massage & Bodywork Techniques

  • A Guide to Improving Clients’ Stretching Results
  • Lymphatic Drainage Facts
  • Business Basics of Assisted Stretching Webinar

Thursday, January 26: Client Interaction and Your Safety

  • Countering Stigmatization: A Guide to Prioritize Personal Safety as an MT
  • Top 7 Red Flags
  • Liability Waiver Template
  • Identify Gaslighting & Red Flags Webinar

Friday, January 27: Let’s Talk About Natural Wellness

  • A Guide to Self-Care & CBD for MT’s
  • Aromatherapy Information Template for Your Clients & You
  • Balance Yourself with Diet & Nutrition Webinar

Thank you to Massage Therapist Appreciation Week content contributors:

About MASSAGE Magazine and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus:

MASSAGE Magazine, in publication since 1985, is the industry’s leading trade publication, with a monthly print magazine and a website updated near-daily with news and advice.

MASSAGE Magazine developed Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) to provide a single, national massage liability insurance policy for health, wellness and beauty professionals, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus offers the industry’s most comprehensive liability insurance coverage, priced up to 30% lower than most other policies.


Karen Menehan