JACKSONVILLE, FL (Jan. 13, 2022) — MASSAGE Magazine and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus announce the first annual Massage Therapist Appreciation Week, Jan. 17–21, 2022 — a week filled with giveaways, free education and complimentary products for all massage therapists.

The purpose of Massage Therapist Appreciation Week is to show gratitude and support for the many thousands of massage therapists who show up to help make the world better by facilitating pain relief, relaxation and so much more.

“The staff at Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) knows that massage therapy is a way to a happier and healthier life,” said MMIP Brand Manager Hannah Young. “We are so proud to be part of massage therapists’ journey of supporting clients’ pain relief and peace.”

As a thank-you to massage therapists, this week is meant to assist massage therapists in the help they give to clients, with practice- and self-care-related free downloads and trainings — plus some fun giveaways that are all about massage therapists taking time to pamper themselves.

“We wanted to show our deepest appreciation to you with our first Massage Therapist Appreciation Week,” added Young.

The gifts and giveaways lined up for the week of Jan. 17–21 include:

• Monday, Jan. 17: Download this free eBook: “The Top 7 Massage Techniques for 2022.” Download here on Jan. 17.

• Tuesday, Jan. 18: Watch a free webinar: “How to Create a Meditation Practice that Sticks.” Sign up for this webinar here.

• Wednesday, Jan. 19: Enter to win a product basket from Heal Again Company. Enter here on Jan. 19.

• Wednesday, Jan. 19: Enter to win a life coaching session with Benny Vaughn. Enter here On Jan. 19.

• Wednesday, Jan. 19: Enter to win an online continuing education course worth three CEs: “How to Deliver Deep Pressure Without Hurting Yourself,” from Mark Liskey. Enter here On Jan. 19.

• Thursday, Jan. 20: Download a free guide to provide to clients: “A Guide to What to Do Before & After a Massage Session.” Download here on Jan. 20.

• Thursday, Jan. 20: Download a free guide to provide to clients: “Essential Questions to Ask Your Massage Therapist.” Download here on Jan. 20.

• Friday, Jan. 20: Download a free tutorial: “How to Save Your Hands,” from Mark Liskey. Download  here on Jan. 20.

About MASSAGE Magazine and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus:

MASSAGE Magazine, in publication since 1985, is the industry’s leading trade publication, with a monthly print magazine and a website updated near-daily with news and advice.

MASSAGE Magazine developed Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) to provide a single, national massage liability insurance policy for health, wellness and beauty professionals, Massage Magazine Insurance Plus offers the industry’s most comprehensive liability insurance coverage, priced up to 30% lower than most other policies.


Karen Menehan