Maryland massage therapist Mercedes Clemens has been cleared by a court to resume her equine massage practice.

In August 2008, MASSAGE Magazine reported that Clemens had filed a suit against the Maryland Board of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Examiners (MBCMTE) claiming the state of Maryland was keeping her from massaging horses.

“My right, and the rights of other Maryland licensed massage therapists, to practice animal massage has been vindicated!” Clemens stated in a release provided to MASSAGE Magazine, regarding the court ruling.

According to a press release by the Institute for Justice released July 30, “At a hearing today in Montgomery County Circuit Court, Judge David Boynton declared that Maryland equine-massage entrepreneur Mercedes Clemens is now free to return to the occupation she loves. Judge Boynton recognized that the Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners has no authority to regulate animal massage and that it was “illegal” for the Board to force Mercedes to stop her practice.