Licensed Massage Therapist and author, Melissa Reizer, has created a new form of massage that she refers to as Rollssage Therapy. According to the author, Rollssage Therapy is accomplished by performing a specifically designed massage session using an instrument called a Rollssage Tube. The Rollssage Tube is a rather simple device that contains hot or cold water and is applied and then rolled over the client’s body. The heat or cold that is generated from the tube creates a very therapeutic effect for clients.

“The entire session is very relaxing for clients and it also minimizes the stress to a given practitioner’s hands,” the author says.

Mrs. Reizer invented the practice of Rollssage by accident. A sufferer of Rheumatoid arthritis, the author dreamt of a strategy to loosen up her fingers and hands one night. In the dream Reizer envisioned using an aluminum tube that was filled with warm water that was rolled back and forth between her two hands. Later, in real life, she actually developed a similar instrument and used it successfully for many years to keep her fingers functioning so she could work on clients. It was not until several years later that she got the idea to use the instrument as a modality on clients.

“It was an immediate hit in my private practice. The requests, for me to use the modality, kept on coming from so many of my customers,” says Reizer.

Mrs. Reizer decided to write two books about Rollssage Therapy so that others could reap the benefits from this new form of massage. The books are appropriately titled, Rollssage: The New and Improved Way to Offer a Completely Balanced Massage (ISBN 978-0-557-08844-7) and Rollssage: A Self Applied Therapy for Sufferers of Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis (ISBN 978-0-557-09554-4). Both books are published by the Lulu Press Inc.

“I wrote one book for professional therapists while the other publication I prepared for laypersons that might want to use the same techniques as a self-applied therapy,” says Reizer.

Additional information about Rollssage Therapy as well as how to obtain copies of Mrs. Reizer’s two books can be found at the website

Rollssage Therapy is based on the two books written and published by Mrs. Melissa Reizer. For additional information please visit the website