Massage therapist Aimee Joy Taylor, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was profiled yesterday in the South Charlotte News section of The Charlotte Observer newspaper. The article focused on the specialty, Grief Massage, Taylor created.

The article noted that “In December 2005, her 20-year-old brother was driving drunk and died in a car accident. On Mother’s Day 2009, her mother committed suicide because she couldn’t overcome the loss of her son.”

Taylor received massage therapy as part of her own healing process, and told the newspaper that receiving massage was when she really felt alive.

“‘When receiving a massage while grieving, it’s like finding control, even for a glimpse and being able to realize, hey, even though times are tough, I’m still here,'” Taylor, who recently received an award at Massage Envy Spa at SouthPark for performing more than 5,000 hours of massage, was quoted as saying.

“In 2008, Taylor opened a free grief massage clinic called Massage Helps,” the article stated.

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