148389080New Hampshire resident and massage therapist Jessica Goldman is running across the country to raise money for the Brain Injury Association of America. Goldman is in Colorado today, after beginning her run in San Francisco on April 16. She hopes to average 50 miles a day before finishing in New York City. She also hopes to break the women’s trans-American run record, which currently stands at 69 days.

She does this without a crew or van following her—through the desert heat and the Rocky Mountain snow, she’s making the trek on her own. Goldman sustains herself on vegan protein powder and what she finds at convenience stores and restaurants along the way. While her reconfigured stroller (known affectionately as “Thingamabobaroo”) carries camping gear, she also stays in hotels when they are available and affordable.

Goldman is a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), the largest association in the country for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Find out more about Goldman by visiting her Facebook page and follow her route here.