Massage therapist Mary Lundberg, who specializes in providing massage to musical performers and other celebrities, was profiled in the news recently.

The Minneapolis/St. Pau-area newspaper Vadnais Heights Press reported Sept. 4 that Lundberg has massaged, among others: Bruce Springsteen, JayZ, Johnny Cash, the Grateful Dead, the Carter Sisters, Aerosmith, Mickey Rooney, Jon Bon Jovi, the Eagles, and members of Riverdance and the Danish Ballet.

“While curing [sic] the likes of James Taylor and Faith Hill is a thrill, so too are her everyday clients, she said,” the newspaper noted. “With her repeat clients she gets the reward of witnessing how her services progressively improve their lives, she said. Despite all the stars she’s touched, her most cherished work is helping soothe a church friend who’s battling cancer.”