April is National Stress Awareness Month. Massage therapists can use this nationally designated month to inform the public about the stress-relieving health benefits of massage.

Many research studies have shown the stress-relieving benefits of massage and other touch therapies. Among them:

Massage Therapy Shown to Reduce Stress, Enhance Well-being

High Blood Pressure Reduced by Massage Therapy

Massage Reduces Cancer Patients’ Pain, Anxiety

Massage Therapy Reduces Stress Behaviors and Activity in Preterm Infants

Weekly Massage Reduces Stress Symptoms in Nurses

Shantala Massage Affects Cortisol Levels in Infants

Aromatherapy Massage Confers Health Benefits

Massage Improves Mood, Reduces Stress in Spouses of Cancer Patients

Moderate-Pressure Massage Increases Relaxation

Acupressure Decreases Stress, Increases Sedation