The Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) seeks the input from the integrative health care community on the future of primary care. One element specifically under consideration is the role of integrative medicine (IM) modalities and therapies. A second is the role of distinctly licensed practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as primary care practitioners and members of teams.

The modalities traditionally included under the CAM moniker include massage therapy, chiropractic, midwifery, herbology and more.

The comments are requested for a major Kresge Foundation-funded study on the future of primary care in 2025. The projections will be made by the IAF.

With the assistance of John Weeks, editor and publisher of The Integrator Blog, IAF is seeking input on the types and extent of integrative practices, modalities and practitioners that will be part of primary care teams and practices in 2025.

Among other topics, the IAF seeks qualitative and quantitative information on what are both preferred and likely forecasts for 2025. IAF’s current draft forecasts, including #15 on CAM/IM, are available at

The IAF requests the following:

• Do you have comments on this forecast or any of the other ones?

• Do you recommend an amended or alternative forecast?

• Do you have data or insight on any forecasts for CAM practitioners doing primary care, or being on the primary care team?

• Do you have forecasts for how CAM/IM practitioners will be providing primary care as part of teams in community health centers?

• Do you have any forecasts for growth in numbers of CAM/IM practitioners who will be practice in primary care roles or on teams?

• Do you have comments related to the other forecasts or different forecasts that have thus far been overlooked?

• Do you have comments or forecasts on the nature of CAM modalities in primary care in 2025?

Send your comments by May 6 to Yasemin Arikan at

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