Many massage clinics and spas have embraced green, or environmentally friendly, business practices. A new study shows that doing so could lead to increased employee job satisfaction, which could in turn benefit the business.

The study, published in Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, suggests that employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs if they are working for a company that is perceived to be green, whereas the financial performance of companies fails to correlate with employee happiness, a press release from the publisher noted.

“Common sense might suggest that employees who place value on environmental performance may be happier working for companies whose perceived performance in this area are congruent with their beliefs,” the study authors noted. “Likewise, employees’ satisfaction may be related to a firm’s financial value: employees of firms with solid financial performance may be more satisfied with their jobs than are employees of firms with mediocre financial performance.

“The results of the analysis indicate a significant positive relationship between employee satisfaction and level of perceived environmental performance,” the authors note. “This study does not find a significant relationship between employee satisfaction and firm financial value.”

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