The London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is taking place today. The athletes from the 204 competing nations will participate in the ceremony prior to running, swimming, diving, fencing and engaging in many other types of athletic competitions.

Massage therapists will help keep the athletes in top form.

“The U.S. Olympic Committee has 80 medical professionals on hand to care for its 525 athletes. Practitioners of allopathic and osteopathic medicine will work side by side with chiropractors and massage therapists to help their athletes stay at the top of their game,” states an article published by Med Page Today.

“‘Some [athletes] benefit a lot from massage, while others do better with functional training and recovery,'” the article quoted orthopedic surgeon Damion Valleta, D.O., as saying. “‘From ice baths to massage therapy to chiropractic work or just doing a recovery workout session, the different specialists here navigate the athletes through what best prepares them for match day.'”

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