Massage Therapists Learn to Use Sacro Wedgy Massage Tool

After 20 years of exhibiting in hundreds of Massage Therapy Conferences, the makers of the Sacro Wedgy are now are offering a class teaching the techniques of how to use this versatile massage tool. It will discuss the muscles surrounding the sacrum often referred to as “the keystone of our anatomy.”

The goal of this class is to make each therapist familiar with placement of the Sacro Wedgy, finding the comfort zone first then progress to a gentle release of the psoas, piriformis and sartorious muscles. The company reports that a common response from therapists that are already using these techniques is “I can accomplish more in 10 minutes while my client is on the Sacro Wedgy than a one hour massage.”

The class will explain how to take existing modalities and incorporate the Sacro Wedgy for easier, gentler muscle balancing. It will also teach a series of self care routines to help a therapist avoid tight muscles and common problems associated with this line of work. Back pain, sciatica, leg pain, poor posture and more are just a few of the symptoms that the device has been reported to have helped over the years.

Each therapist will receive a starter set of the Sacro Wedgy as part of the fee and their name will be listed on the Sacro Wedgy website as a therapist trained in the use of the Sacro Wedgy.

The first two classes are going to be held in Mobile, Alabama at the Sacrology Institute. Because of limited space each class will be limited to 10 to 12 students. Please visit the website for details or call 1-800-737-9295.