Massage therapists were among the first on the scene following the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1995, providing relief to rescue workers.

Now, massage therapists are needed to provide relief to participants in the April 26 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, held each year in April to mark the event.

Massage coordinator Rocky Chen told MASSAGE Magazine he hopes to have at least 50 massage therapists volunteer for the event. Therapists need to be on site by 6 a.m., and will start working on marathon finishers by 7:15, Chen said.

He said he’s flexible in regard to the sports-massage experience possessed by the therapists.

“I would prefer that the MTs … have some experience working with athletes—but that’s not necessarily required,” he explained. “I’ll have a quick sports massage session before the race to show the MTs the post-event massage protocol they should follow.”

Massage therapists interested in volunteering at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon should contact Chen at

—Karen Menehan