The work of massage therapists at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, which begin today, was written about in the Colorado Springs Independent newspaper.

The article, “Medal detectors: Behind the scenes, professionals tackle everything from head chatter to headlines,” quoted Jim Moeller, the U.S. Olympic Committee’s chief medical officer:

The article noted that Moeller’s team of 50 includes “doctors, chiropractors, trainers, physical therapists and massage therapists, many of whom are volunteers like him — [who] will work 18-hour days to assure Olympians’ bodies endure the Games’ rigors and get tuned up when needed, an unpredictable assignment.”

“‘There’s a lot of downtime mixed with a lot of moments of chaos,'” Moeller said in the article. “‘We are doing this as a labor of love,’ he says,'” the article continued. “‘Our goal is to stay out of the spotlight, so we can push them into it.'”