Even while massage business in the U.S. is on an upswing overall, massage therapists remain focused on economic issues and growing their practices, according to a report from a national massage association.

The fourth annual Massage Profession Research Report, released last week by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), indicated that massage business is up from 2009.

“The good news is business has reportedly improved for more massage therapists (44 percent) than declined

(27 percent)—similar to levels seen before 2009,” the report stated. “This positive outlook in

business was seen across all massage therapy work settings.”

The report also noted that 62 percent of massage therapists who are new to the profession (0-2 years in

practice) said their business had improved in the past year.

Also among the report’s statistics:

• Business and economic challenges were cited by 51 percent of respondents as their biggest challenge.

• Specifically, “poor economy” was chosen as the top industry challenge by 21 percent of respondents.

• In 2006, 23 percent of respondents said that “being recognized/respected as a health care professional” was the top industry challenge; in 2010 that number had dropped to 14 percent.


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