The first episode of The Client List—a Lifetime TV original series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as a massage therapist working at a spa where clients are serviced sexually—aired April 8, and now massage therapists are taking their protest directly to the show’s advertisers.

Massage therapists who are active on Facebook are distributing lists of The Client List advertisers and encouraging colleagues to ask the corporations to pull their advertising from the program.

According to one massage therapist’s Facebook post, both Dairy Queen and Kellogg’s have pulled their advertising from the show.

The advertisers are:


Chex Cereal (General Mills)

Diet Pepsi

Kelloggs Mini-Wheats

Green Giant

Nutrisse by Garnier

Jenny Craig


Glad Trash Bags

Jolly Rancher candies


Quilted Northern bath tissues


Maxwell House Coffee


Cinnamon Toast Crunch (General Mills)

Children’s Tylenol

M & M’S


Ford Motor Corp

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