Massage therapists who would like to learn more about the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge (MTBOK) project can find that information in a new article posted to the MTBOK’s website (

Visitors to the site may also provide feedback and comments on the body of knowledge document.

The article, “Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge—Past and Present,” highlights the evolution of the MTBOK, which was unveiled six months ago. It covers the history of the effort, provides a brief overview of the document, and clarifies several themes that have emerged since the release.

The MTBOK task force released its report at the 2010 Highlighting Massage Therapy in CIM conference, sponsored by the Massage Therapy Foundation, in Seattle, Washington.

The body of knowledge is intended to include: a definition of massage therapy; a description of the massage field in order to enhance understanding and appreciation of the profession by those outside the profession; a scope of practice for massage therapy; terminology; and knowledge, skills and abilities of an entry-level massage therapist.

With the body of knowledge document now in an evaluation phase, the article also calls for the profession to continue to review and submit comments.

“As a living document, it will develop and evolve over time in response to the needs of the profession,” states an MTBOK press release. “All suggestions and edits are being collected for future revisions.”

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