Massage therapy for oncology patients is covered in a just-published newspaper article. The Princeton Papers, a newspaper serving Central New Jersey, published “The healing touch: Massage playing a supporting role in cancer treatment” on June 14.

“To be coping with cancer is to be poked by needles to draw blood for tests, prodded for tumors, treated with radiation, laser ablation and other techniques, dealt heavy doses of chemotherapy and other drugs,” the article stated. “The patient sometimes finds him- or herself dissolving into a mere case, not a person with a heart and soul.

“That is why a new generation of massage therapists working with cancer patients wants to help them reconnect with their body as a magnificent creation that deserves compassion and tenderness, not something that is diseased and sick.”

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Editor’s note: Read five profiles of medical-massage therapists in “Touch Helps Patients Heal: Medical Massage,” in MASSAGE Magazine‘s July issue.

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