A total of $51,120 has been raised so far on behalf of Team Massage Therapy Foundation: Running for Research, which competed in the 2013 Boston Marathon on April 15—and the MTF’s leaders intend to sponsor a team in the marathon next year.

“The events in Boston are shocking and heartbreaking, but as many people have said, if you want to discourage a big group of people, marathon runners and their families are the wrong group to attack,” MTF President Ruth Werner told MASSAGE Magazine. “The MTF hopes to be able to repeat and build on this success next year.”

The money raised in 2013 will be used to support the MTF’s programs, including community service grants, research grants, an academic journal, “and all our efforts to bring important research findings to practitioners,” said Werner.

According to Werner, contributions to Team Massage Therapy Foundation: Running for Research may be made through the end of April. To donate, click here.

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