The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) has announcde the winners of the 2011 Practitioner Case Report Contest. This year’s grand prize Gold Award has been awarded to Meghan Thomason of Menomonie, Wisconsin. Her winning case report was titled “Massage Therapy for Lyme Disease.” As the first place winner, Thomason will receive a $2,500 cash award contingent upon undergoing the peer review process with a scientific publication, an invitation to present her paper and a poster at the 2012 AMTA National Convention, and a $1,000 stipend to be used toward travel to the convention.

Of the MTF’s Case Report Contest, Thomason said, “Research is a strong passion of mine, and I was so excited to see it being promoted among practitioners. That is why I conducted a case study to be a part of this contest. Research is so important, for it answers the questions that we all have about our own practices … I didn’t know if massage would help my client with Lyme disease, but I was excited to find out the answer.” Thomason’s conclusion was that massage therapy is a promising treatment for the symptoms of pain, fatigue and impaired concentration in patients with Lyme disease, and that further research is needed to validate these efforts.

The second place Silver Award goes to Robin Streit of Camden, New Jersey, for her case report titled “Massage Treatment Improves NTOS Symptoms and Mobility: A Case Study on Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.” The third place Bronze Award was awarded to Glenda Keller of Ontario, Canada for her case report titled “The Effects of Massage Therapy after Decompression and Fusion Surgery of the Lumbar Spine: A Case Study.” Full abstracts for all three winning case reports can be read here.

The foundation has offered the Case Report Contests since 2006 as a way to encourage the writing of case reports, and to provide an opportunity for massage and bodywork practitioners and students to develop research skills, and to enhance their ability to provide evidence-informed massage to the public. Information about all previous Case Report Contest winners, as well as details regarding how to enter the upcoming contests, can be found on the MTF website. The deadline for participation in the 2012 Practitioner Case Report Contest is Oct. 1, 2012.

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