The Massage Therapy Foundation announced on August 1 the  winners of its 2008 Student Case Report Contest. The  foundation advances the knowledge and  practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service.
1. Gold Award Winner:  Catherine Hanson, Kiné-Concept Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, “Treating  Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis with Massage Therapy.”
2. Silver Award Winner:  Jenny Dailey, Cortiva Institute – Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle ,  WA, “Bulimia Nervosa and Massage: A Case Report Examining Body  Awareness with Co-morbidities Anxiety and Depression.”
3. Bronze Award Winner:  Leigh Jonah, Kiné-Concept Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, “Massage Therapy  as a Method to Decrease Forward Head Posture, Internal Shoulder Rotation and  Anxiety: A Case Study.”
4. Honorable Mention:  Mary Jane Calvert, Cortiva Institute, Denver, Colorado, “Effects of  Massage in Sustaining Performance and Limiting Soreness in a  Multi-performance Sporting Event.”
5. Honorable Mention:  Meagan Roback, Kiné-Concept Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, “The Effects of  Massage Therapy on Mild Structural Scoliosis in the Thoracic Spine Resulting  in Postural Changes, Muscle Fatigue, Sleep Disturbances and Chronic  Headaches.”
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