The Massage Therapy Foundation, which works to advance the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service, has created a campaign to raise funds for its mission.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, the foundation has created a campaign called RISE to the Occasion, with RISE being an acronym for Research, Inspiration, Service, Education.

In a message to the massage profession, foundation President Ruth Werner said, “I invite you to celebrate this remarkable milestone with us. Our 20th Anniversary theme is a buoyant one … We would love to see our [foundation] friends donate an extra 20 for 20 this year: $20 for our 20th Anniversary. If you are moved to invite your friends and colleagues to become donors as well, a $20 donation honoring our 20th anniversary is a perfect introduction to the Foundation.”

Werner also noted that since it began in 1993, the foundation has funded 36 pilot research studies that explored the science and practice of massage; since 1992 donors had contributed more than $1,850,000 to the foundation; and that since 1993, the foundation has funded 65 Community Service projects “that bring the power of massage to people in need … these projects have served a multitude of populations, including seniors, children, those living with HIV/AIDS, and the homeless.”

Donations may be made at

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