Massage Therapy Foundation Launches New Research Project with Samueli Institute, MASSAGE MagazineThe Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) has announced the launch of a new research project with Samueli Institute. MTF selected Samueli Institute to lead an independent exploration of the impact of massage therapy on chronic pain, and to identify gaps in knowledge that can help direct future research.

Samueli Institute and the MTF convened a roundtable discussion with leaders and subject matter experts in both massage and pain management early last month at the Samueli Institute office in Alexandria, Virginia. The goal was to formulate a clear research question that will be meaningful for various stakeholders: “What is the state of the science regarding the impact of massage therapy on function for those experiencing pain?” Additionally, the project will develop criteria that will be beneficial for use in future research articles for integrative medicine.

“Using SEaRCHTM, Samueli Institute’s streamlined, systematic review and expert panel process, we will explore the current impact of massage therapy for those experiencing pain,” said Cindy Crawford, Samueli Institute research manager. “Together with subject matter experts and the MTF, we will then formulate recommendations to push the field forward.”

The roundtable meeting was held Feb. 10, 2014, included the following attendees:

  • From the Samueli Institute: Cindy Crawford, Dr. Kevin Berry, M.D., Viviane Enslein and Courtney Lee
  • From MTF: Ruth Werner and Jerrilyn Cambron, Ph.D.
  • Subject matter experts included: Pam Buckenmaier, R.N., Colonel Trip Buckenmaier, Christopher Deery, L.M.T., Colonel Paul Pasquina, Eric Schoomaker, M.D., Ph.D., Jan Schwartz and Pete Whitridge, L.M.T.

This project is funded by the Massage Therapy Foundation with the generous ongoing support of the American Massage Therapy Association.

For more information, contact Mandy Vukits at (847) 905-1511 or email

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