The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) has announced the release of the MTF Education Toolbar, a powerful new tool that will support massage and bodywork teachers, students and practitioners in their daily work. This toolbar is a streamlined compendium of the most useful resources across the Web, including search engines, study tools, image libraries, research info and much more.

With the MTF Education Toolbar installed, these resources are accessible without bouncing aimlessly around the Web. The toolbar installs easily on most Web browsers, updates automatically and, most excitingly, is completely free. Download the toolbar from the Massage Therapy Foundation’s website:

For an in-depth presentation on the features of the MTF Education toolbar, the MTF is presenting a webinar, in partnership with the American Massage Therapy Association, on May 10, 2012. Registration is available for “The Education Toolbar: A Classroom and Clinic Survival Guide (Webinar with the Massage Therapy Foundation)” through this link:

The MTF has also created two brief instructional videos on the toolbar. Watch “Installing the MTF Education Toolbar” to see how easy it is to install on your Web browser, and then watch “Using the MTF Education Toolbar” for a short explanation on the different tools available once the toolbar is installed.

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