As America’s population ages, a growing number of people will live in assisted living facilities and nursing homes, providing a client opportunity for massage therapists who specialize in geriatric massage.
According to recent research, massage therapy was shown to reduce agitated behavior in nursing-home residents with cognitive impairment.
The study, “Massage in the Management of Agitation in Nursing Home Residents with Cognitive Impairment,” involved 52 residents from two nursing homes. Subjects ranged in age from 70 to 105 and had a history of agitated behavior, as well as a diagnosis of cognitive impairment, whether moderate or severe.
Results of the research revealed agitation levels for four of the five symptoms were lower during massage than at baseline. At follow-up, both one and two weeks later, agitation levels were lower for all five categories.
A full report on this research will run in the October issue of MASSAGE Magazine.