The ancient art of massage has been practiced for thousands of years, and there are numerous styles and techniques you can learn. The best massage schools in Canada provide a thorough and comprehensive massage course that includes both practical and theoretical classes, and plenty of real-life experience with actual patients in a clinical setting. Massage therapy can be of great benefit to clients from all walks of life, each with his or her own reasons for seeking the services of a trained massage therapist. Many Canadian massage therapy schools will encourage you to specialize in one particular aspect of the field, such as sports massage, infant massage, medical massage, luxury massage, and others.

The various Canada massage schools offer massage courses that can lead to several levels of study. Most will lead to either massage certification or a diploma in massage. However, it takes quite a bit of determination and perseverance to become a licensed massage therapist in Canada. The Canadian massage therapist (also known as massotherapist) upholstery cleaning brooklyn be educated in a massage therapy college that is accredited by an agency recognized by the Alternative Medicine Examiners Council of Canada (AMECC). Upon graduation, the aspiring massage therapist must pass exams administered by a national examining board, such as the Canadian Council of Massotherapeutic Examiners (CCME). Additionally, the Canadian massage therapist must be licensed, attend continuing education courses throughout their career, and submit to peer review on a regular basis.

The four-year Massage therapy schools in Canada require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree (preferably a pre-medical degree). Upon acceptance, the massage therapy student will take two years of post-graduate basic upholstery cleaning ny coursework, and up to three years of didactic and clinical training. Of course, there will be plenty of hours to practice your massage therapy skills and techniques on actual patients under the supervision of a licensed RMT.

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