Not all treatment centers are the same. Some, such as Treatment Alternatives located in Florida, are now using alternative care methods to help those afflicted with dangerous addictions. Those that are suffering from addictions that are alcohol, drug, or gambling related make up the majority of the patients. However, Treatment Alternatives also caters to those who suffer from eating disorders as well. The company just recently introduced massage therapy, meditation, and yoga into their treatment. These help to heal both body and mind as the patient recovers through their rehabilitation or detoxification treatment. The new alternative options help to relax those going through the rigors of breaking an addiction or detoxifying. The center also just recently introduced new payment options that will make it easier for those searching for treatment to receive it. Treatment Alternatives understands that addicts may not have a stable income yet still wish to receive treatment. Because of this problem the company has implemented options that include no payments for 6 months, no interest, and available financing.