MassageBook Adds Integrated Scheduling, MASSAGE MagazineCharleston, S.C. MassageBook has just launched the scheduling component to its comprehensive business solution for massage businesses and individual massage therapists.

Along with an online profile, licensed massage therapists can also do the following directly from their MassageBook account:

  • Seamlessly integrated client scheduling, management and reminder notifications
  • Client management, SOAP notes and history
  • Optimize their online website with simple diagnostic tools
  • Business reputation monitoring (Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo, City Search, etc.)
  • SEO efforts

“There is no other software that provides the comprehensive and seamless solution we do to attract, book, retain and track massage clients easily,” says MassageBook CEO Mark Volkmann.

Volkmann emphasizes licensed massage therapists can join MassageBook for free and choose to use whichever components they like.

“If you don’t want to use our scheduling solution, you don’t have to,” says Volkmann. “All the rest of what we offer – client management, social media integration, SOAP notes, online business review monitoring, etc. – will cost you exactly nothing. And we won’t be bombarding you with advertising either.”

The pricing plan charges $4 for any new client who books online through MassageBook.

“We didn’t want to do a subscription-based model because it doesn’t align the interests of a business with our interests,” Volkmann says. “Our pricing model insures that the only way we make (a little) money is if you make (a lot) of money.”

MassageBook launched the Web solution in February and has been adding new features every two weeks. Coming soon will be a MassageBook community that will allow licensed massage therapists to ask and answer questions and offer advice for each other in a focused and educational atmosphere.

Business owners can go to to claim a business listing already on the site (more than 46,000 exist currently) and then create a site by adding photos, contact info and service details. Individual therapists can create a personal website, including an individual profile with background information on skills, licenses and qualifications.

“We give therapists all the online and client management tools they need to showcase their skills and ultimately grow their list of active and happy repeat clients,” he says. “Then we help manage those clients with a suite of business management and scheduling tools.

Go to the website, create a profile and start your new website today. Also find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

MassageBook is a simple yet powerful success engine for the massage profession. The Web-based software solution makes it easy for therapists and businesses to create amazingly effective websites, share them on social networks, connect them to local search engines, and do much more to attract clients in and keep them coming back.