Licensed massage therapists can lock in a discounted booking fee until July 31

MassageBook Launches New Online Scheduling Features for Massage Therapists, MASSAGE MagazineCharleston, S.C. For massage therapists who want to fill up their schedules and allow new and existing clients the ease of booking their own times for massage and other services, MassageBook has a new, simple and affordable solution.

According to the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional’s (ABMP) massage metrics survey, 50 percent of the people who received massages in 2012 found their therapist online (this equals to about 20 million massages, by the way). Just 30 percent sought out the therapist via a recommendation, and only 19 percent found the massage therapist from an ad.

ABMP’s 2011 survey found that only 25 percent of people getting massages in 2010 used the Internet to find a massage therapist, compared with 37 percent by referral and 26 percent from ads.

Given the growing popularity in online searches plus the increasing convenience of scheduling appointments via the Web, it only makes sense for massage therapists to offer online scheduling.

MassageBook makes scheduling online easy and free for existing clients.

In addition to many other free tools with a MassageBook account–including a website, interactive SOAP notes, automated e-mail reminders, integration with a business Facebook page, online scheduling and payments–now licensed massage therapists can offer clients the opportunity to view availability online and book a service at their own convenience.

“What I love about MassageBook is that I can give my clients options,” says Brenda Brunson, L.M.T., and owner of Simply Therapeutic Massage in Greenville, South Carolina. “They can book online at their convenience and with what suits their schedules.”

Massage therapists are only charged when a new client books through MassageBook for the first time. After that, if the client schedules a service through MassageBook, it is free of charge.

“Our philosophy is that you should only pay us if we are sending you a brand-new client,” says MassageBook CEO Mark Volkmann.

For new clients who find therapists online and book a service through MassageBook, the one-time fee for a new paying client is just $4 for Beta users of MassageBook. Businesses who create their accounts and turn on the booking feature before July 31 will lock in new-client booking fees of only $4 for life. After July 31, the new-client booking fee becomes $20.

Victor Jacob, owner of Hideaway Spa in Bluffton, South Carolina, notes that the $20 fee is less than the average cost of finding a new client with other marketing techniques.

“I had heard for years, from marketing classes and ad sales people, that I’d spend between $20 and $50 on each new customer,” Jacob says. Skeptical at first, Jacob did the math on his various deals, coupons and promotional services to attract new clients and came up with $23.50 per new client. MassageBook’s $20 for a new client, he agrees, “sounds just right.”

Volkmann adds that the booking function is also completely optional and can be turned on and off depending on whether the business would like to book new clients online.

“You can have all other functionality for absolutely no cost, including online scheduling for existing clients,” he says. “But we offer this as a way to fulfill our promise to help massage therapists concentrate on their clients and let MassageBook do everything else to run a thriving business.”

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