Foot massage led to “statistically significant increases in communication, intimacy [and] quality of life” and a statistically significant decrease in conflict among couples who gave each other the massages, according to researchers in South Korea.

The 36 couples were divided into two groups, experimental and control, with 18 couples in each group, according to an abstract published on Foot massage was applied twice a week for six weeks by the couples in the experimental group.

“Foot massage can be applied as a nursing intervention for improvement of marital relationship in immigrant couples,” the researchers noted.

The abstract did not make clear where the couples had immigrated from, nor if the researchers would replicate the study on non-immigrant couples.

“Effects on Couples’ Communication, Intimacy, Conflict and Quality of Life by Foot Massage between Immigrants” was published in the Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing 2010 Aug;40(4):493-502

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