The quarter horse Lucky Strikes Gold, standing at 15 hands and 1,100 pounds
may not feel so lucky at all. Due to a back injury the horse has been
uncomfortable and in pain all week. But, the 5″3 woman walking through the
barn at T Bar T Stables & Arena in Leander, Texas may be just what the
veternarian ordered.
As Charlotte Morris, a certified therapist in many massage techniques who
works on both horses and athletes, walks up to Lucky Strike Gold she shows
no fear and immedetly starts massaging this right hind cheek, using all her
weight and instantly relieving the horse. The owner, Steve Hemphill, looks
on in awe as the discomfort Lucky has displayed melts away and a “stoned”
look overtakes his face.Her work finished Morris streches each of Luckys
legs, a sort of “yoga for horses” as she calls it.
Morris has idenitfied many problems with horses is due to ill-fitting
saddles and thus her saddle and padding fitting business has sprung from her
massage work on horses. But, thats not all she does, in addition to her
horse massages Morris works with hard-core athletes, such as ironman
participants, which she used to be herself.
Morris feels she owes her career to her life experiences, her experience in
Ironman competitions makes her able to understand and treat atheletes
ailments, and her own experience of jumping horses and ownership of three
horses herslef all teach her something new everyday. After 47 years Morris
insists she found her dream job.

Gándara, American-Statesman,