Los Angeles, CA, April 20, 2011: Wake up and smell the matcha! The sweet vegetal aromas eminating from a cup of matcha tea are powerfully taking over the taste-forward kitchens of once-upon-a-time coffee drinkers. The exclusive matcha green tea powders offered by Matcha Source are steadily pleasing the palettes, minds and bodies of those who typically turn to coffee for an energy boost. Is it time to curb the coffee addiction and leave the roasted beans behind? Maybe. Matcha Source green tea is made from stone-ground whole tea leaves handpicked at harvest and teamed with potent amino acids, fiber, chlorophyll and antioxidants. The health benefits are powerful and plentiful and provide a deliciously natural and refreshing alternative to coffee.

Matcha can be prepared and savored differently each day. Enjoy matcha whisked with hot water as a traditional tea in the morning, or blend it with milk to create a frothy latte for an afternoon pick-me-up. Try matcha in your favorite smoothies, ice cream, muffins or in savory dishes as a secret ingredient. While coffee can possibly leave you jittery or doomed for an energy crash later on, most Americans enjoy a cup each morning. Matcha, on the other hand, provides a peaceful and lasting energy enhancement and can compliment your morning coffee if it doesn’t replace it. People call it alluring, addictive and calming. What will you say about matcha? Open up a tin. It’s time for your matcha.

Matcha is jam-packed with the amino acid theanine, known for its ability to relax the mind. When theanine combines with caffeine, matcha drinkers enjoy a sustained, calm alertness and improved mood and focus. Just ask Japanese Buddhist monks who have used matcha for centuries to assist in meditation. Moreover, a feature unique of matcha, is that it works to increase thermogenesis (the body’s own rate of burning calories), producing a significant increase in energy and endurance capacity.

Matcha drinkers report feeling invigorated after one cup as if they know just when their matcha “hits” them.

According to Matcha Source President Alissa White, “Matcha is high in alkaline and rich in fiber so it may actually aid in digestion. This makes it perfect for those who may be afflicted by acid reflux or other intestinal ailments. The chlorophyll in matcha works as a natural detoxifier ridding the body of metals and toxins. And dentists will agree, matcha will not stain your teeth!”

Matcha contains even more antioxidants than any regular brewed cup of green tea; ten times more to be exact. These antioxidants fight against aging and most importantly, also against cancer. The most potent antioxidant of them all, EGCg (epicgalllocatechin gallate), which is renowned for its cancer fighting properties, makes up an incredible sixty percent of the total antioxidants found in matcha. This makes matcha a superior choice to any other beverage, and even surpasses foods traditionally thought to be high in antioxidant content. Recent studies have shown that matcha drinkers are at lower risk of a wide range of illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, bacterial infections, stroke and osteoporosis.


Since 2005, Ms. White has provided a one-stop shop for quality authentic matcha, accessories, and know-how. With a family history of auto-immune disease, she has committed herself to encouraging Americans to explore healthy living options. She believes that by introducing them to matcha, they will in turn examine their lifestyles – exercise, diet, annual physicals, more sleep, less stress and fresh air. She says, “I fell in love with matcha the first time I tried it. Frankly, I love knowing that I am mainlining matcha to Americans who have been force-fed soda and sweetened juices. By promoting matcha, I am possibly tipping the scales in favor of wellness practices over disease and obesity.” www.matchasource.com