04.21.2009 – (ADDISON, TX, April 21, 2009) – Mattress Giant, the nation’s fifth largest bedding retailer, has announced the launch of its sustainability initiative for 2009 and beyond, in conjunction with the launch of the Natura eco-friendly pillow line in all 372 retail locations.

“Because of my role in ISPA’s sustainability council, I felt it was important for me to look to my own company first before I could ask others to make the pledge,” said Mattress Giant President and CEO Barrie Brown. “With that said, we’ve incorporated a number of eco-friendly practices into our company and are hoping to lead the way for other mattress retailers to do the same.”

Mattress Giant has examined several key areas of their business and looked for ways to reduce waste and energy starting with recycling of all waste such as plastic and cardboard from packaging of mattresses in seven of 10 Mattress Giant distribution centers, saving approximately 35 tons per month. They are also recycling wood in three distribution centers, which adds up to about 5,000 pounds per month.

In an effort to reduce waste, Mattress Giant has lead the way in asking that suppliers provide them with 3 millimeters of plastic mattress covers as opposed to 4 millimeters, which is saving approx. 16,200 pounds of plastic per year. Mattress Giant is also a proud retailer of Magi Seal AQ fabric protectant, an environmentally friendly, water-based, fragrance-free, ultra-low VOC that also protects mattresses.

Other key efforts include reducing the top speed of their delivery trucks to 62 miles per hour, saving 10,000 gallons of fuel per year and converting all exterior retail store lighting from neon to LED saving more than 60,000 kilowatt hours.

By reinvesting in our own company, it will ultimately position Mattress Giant for even greater success moving forward, Brown said.

In conjunction with the announcement of their sustainability initiative, Mattress Giant is announcing the addition of a new line of eco-friendly pillows from Natura. Nine styles are being added to the mix, each one incorporating a blend of natural or green materials – some even made from all-organic materials.

“We’re excited about leading the sustainability charge for the home furnishings industry in partnership with Mattress Giant,” said President of Natura, Ralph Rossdeutscher. “With all of our products, we strive to make it easier for everyone to choose green, natural and organic.”

Mattress Giant knows that implementing eco-initiatives isn’t enough, so they have set a roadmap for success by setting sustainability goals. These include:

  • developing an “all-green spec” retail store, which would be registered with LEED, that would offer eco-friendly alternatives to everything from lighting to paint and more – all new stores will follow this spec with the first one opening in early winter
  • working to get recycling in their other two distribution centers by mid-summer 2009
  • challenging all current vendors to adopt similar initiatives and to recycle at least 50 percent of all mattresses that are picked up and to, under no circumstances, ever send them to a landfill
  • experimenting with motion sensors and energy efficient lighting in interior of retail stores and hope to begin implementing those by late 2009
  • working to have recyclable carpet in 75 percent of stores by 2013
  • working to have LED exterior sign lighting in 75 percent of locations by 2010

About Mattress Giant
Mattress Giant Corporation, based in Addison, Texas, is one of the fastest growing mattress retailers in the United States. For more than 25 years, Mattress Giant’s success has been due in part to its intense focus and commitment to sales training, customer service and engaged employees. With 372 locations nationwide, Mattress Giant has positioned itself as the ultimate mattress specialty retailer. Each store offers a wide selection to consumers through innovative design, pricing and national brands. More information can be found at www.mattressgiant.com.

About Natura World
For 15 years, Natura World has been providing natural and organic bedding products for the whole family – from babies to kids and teenagers to adults and even the family pet. Because a good night’s sleep is as important as nurturing our fragile planet, Natura makes it easy to choose green, natural and organic bedding, pillows and mattresses. Simply put, Natura matches eco-integrity with cutting edge technology to create handcrafted, healthy sleep systems. More information can be found at www.naturaworld.com.