Medical Arts Press, Inc. (Medical Arts Press) today introduced exclusive new letter-rate sized claim-form envelopes, designed to cut shipping costs of CMS claim forms.

Until now, practitioners had little choice but to mail CMS claim forms either in standard-sized #10 envelopes, which hold up to 15 forms folded into thirds, or oversized 9 x 13 envelopes, which hold up to 75 flat forms. Squeezing forms into standard envelopes often results in heavily creased documents, which can be difficult to scan or read.

While the oversized envelopes safely hold forms, these envelopes waste postage when used to mail quantities smaller than 75 flat forms. For example, shipping 15 claim forms in an oversized envelope requires $1.15 in postage and $0.42 for the envelope, for a total cost of $1.57 per mailing. The same 15 forms mailed in the new letter-rate sized claim-form envelope cost only $0.76 in postage plus $0.46 for the envelope, for a total cost of $1.22 per mailing and savings of 22% over traditional mailing methods.

The new claim-form envelopes hold up to 15 claim forms, easily folded in half. They are made of premium 24lb white-wove stock and feature a security tint and self-sealing closure for maximum security and privacy. They are available for immediate delivery, shipped blank or imprinted with the practitioner™s name and address. Orders can be placed by phone (800-328-2179), fax (800-328-0023), or via the Medical Arts Press Web site (

These new envelopes are a direct result of customers™ feedback about their frustrations around a lack of envelope better suited for CMS claim forms, said Stella Kung, Product Manager, Medical Arts Press. Not only did we deliver a better envelope, but we are giving practitioners time and cost savings. In today™s economy, every savings counts toward improving the bottom line.

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